quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2012

Long time no posting - being away.

It's been a while since my last post. The last batch of caffenols came out so much better. I have not shared them on my blog yet. There was nonetheless a problem. I didn't shake enough and the negarives came out with a lot of brown spots all over. They must be undissolved crystals. A pity.....
Well furthermore i am without time!! No kidding. Life is frantic with the coming of my long trip to the usa. Spending time with my wifie's family and travelling around the mountain states. Going climbing camping eating chilies etc. And....my my camera Nikon D5100 with 300mm lens waits for me there!

I also haven't had time to make a rig to work as my scanner so uploading the result in a crappy way again doesn't look very attractive to me.

I have another roll of 120 in my Rollei its been weeks now but nothing worth registering came up! Boring weeks i should say. But cannot take my rollei to the usa ...not this time.

I was writing a post about diffracting and stopped because i was getting to techy with it. Soon though.....diffraction effects for dummies.

Well keep visiting me and i guess see you guys soon.


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