quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012

Easter shop. Sea salt and instant soluble coffee.

The truth that Carrefour queues are kilometric are carved in stone. Why did I come to this place....during Easter holiday eve??
Well. Shopping list amongst my wife's regular stuff: cheap instant coffee and some sea salt for fixer.
Pimpinela Tradicional coffee. Huge glass 200g. Apparently it s a 200 cups jar of coffeelitious worthiness. R$ 11
Cisne sal. Sea salt for sure. Iodine in too. Multiwashed whatever that means
Very white fine to med crystals. R$ 1.50 1Kg.
I checked a jar of 100% pure Vit-C for .... guess....Brasil....R$99.90.....yep gptta love this country.
Ah!!! Almost forgot. I also bought three clear plastic containers to mix everything up and concoct the solution. They al have measuring rings on them so i can get rugh equivalences in ml. The big one is for the fixer and goes over 2L. The two others are 400ml. They all have lids so i can shake when needed. About R$8 and 3.
Pics below

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  1. I tried teh instant coffe yesterday nd I can tell you that, thankfully, it's crap. The worse the better for caffenol. The explanation for that is the 'worse' coffe usually means Robusta type instead of the prime Arabica => Robusta has twice as much caffeine than Arabica.
    So as a coffe lover and descendant from the largest producer of coffee in South Amrica (long gone though), I state that Pimpinela coffee is crap. Great news!

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  3. Be aware that about salt as fixer there is not enough information on how to use, times, temperatures, films, and so on. You are on your own risk using it. But one thing is for sure, if the 1 liter salt solution weights 1,2 kilos and the temperature is above 30ºC, you only have to wait until its clear and then wait the same amount of time to have it fixed.

  4. Thanks for your caveat, amigo!
    Try on your own risk. Always a sure suggestion.
    And again - Green Caffenol - proposal requires all-green ingredients in the mix, even if the negs end up destroyed.
    Em breve com os resultados, Henrique. abs