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Washing Soda - At last!


Right. Got back from the market with my pots and coffee (instant) yesterday - even posted about it.
Now this morning I woke up and took a trip to the stove to destroy a few of my wife's kitchen utensils. That, was not the original idea........believe me......

Main idea here: one can successfully turn sodium bicarbonate into sodium CARbonate (washing soda) by heating the baking soda which releases teh second "C" (from teh BIcarb) leaving a mono C....Carbonate. Tadah.
I bought two small 100g 100% pure bicarbonate pots at the local pharmacy near work. Paid quite a lot (R$ 7.40 each) and for sure I won't be using that place ever again!!!

Before I continue I will offer a word of advice. Don't be too stupid in the kitchen ok. Mind that things burn and melt ;)
I, somehow yet to be established, managed to melt the teaspoon measure, make two holes in of my new pots (the small red one) and deform its bottom, and burn the end of a silicon spatula. So beware of idiots in the kitchen; and if you're one yourself, have an adult come take care of you......

I had now less than 100g in the pot because I'd been testing if my washing soda was indeed soapier than the original pot content (baking soda). Let's call it from now on WS and BS, respectively ok....

So things to test for:
-WS weighs LESS than BS. by some 20%.
-WS has less volume than BS, so you'll end up with less in the pot than you started with. I'm counting on less than 20% loss....
-WS is indeed soapier (by a lot). BUT it makes NO FOAM okay. That's detergent.
-WS  will form a few big clusters of powder when cooking
-WS will turn out a very thin powder
-It smells strong and sour when WS starts to change so you'll know easily when the process starts (and works).
-WS dissolves really well (nothing shows up) in water

I let the pan on medium-high flame for some 10 min at least. It's good to be sure that all the BS turned into WS.
Mix the stuff from time to time. Again, use a silicon spatula or a wooden stick
Put a lid on to make things hotter inside the pan and have your WS quicker.

Nothing else of importance to mention here.
I put the WS inside the BS original pot, because it was tight and had a screw-on lid. WS in contact with air and moisture (air) will eventually trun back into BS !!
I cooked the WS in two batches and used a funil to put the resultng WS into the BS pot. BTW I placed all BS in the red pot before starting...

Great stuff. I'm stopping here.

Below a pic of the little frying pan I used. BS pot and dissolving some residual WS from the pan. Clear water.

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