quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Second hand reels and tank. I'm back

Yesterday i got my package delivered. I found a guy online who'd sell me a 120mm reel for R$35 which is a fair price. He also had at least one 35mm so I told him I'd keep both. I actually said something like "listen mate. I need it and need it for yesterday. Don't really care the price tag just tell me how much & send me the gear."
He's done so and now I've got: 2-tanks;  1-120mm  & 3-35mm reels. :-)
More than I need but......at least I will be able to resume works. Innit?!

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  1. Now you have to practice. In these reels you start from the middle. Search some information on the net. My reels are plastic and I start from outer side to the inner side. But in yours there is a spring in the midle to fix the film and then roll it but you mus press the film with the fingers so that the film fits on the rails.
    Tens que dobrar um pouco o filme para ele encarrilar de dentro para fora. Penso eu...

  2. Exactly! The plastic is so much easier.
    I spent a long time yesterday practising at home. in the light and in the dark. i don't like the results so far. its very very clumsy.
    percebi que tem-se que dobrar levemente de forma a encarrilhar. Eu pratiquei colocaldo o filme novamente no rolo com o papel tentando imitar o procedimento original mas fica incrivelmente dificil. encarrilht somente o negatvo é bastante fácil!. na luz. Mas com o papel...... Deus do céu...
    will write a blog entry about this.

  3. Yes, plastic is easier but sometimes it sticks also. With 120 film, for this kind of reels, it is better the following procedure: first separate the film from the paper completely, so you just need to deal with the film. Bend the free end and secure it in the spring of the midlle of the tank. Then, continue bending and rolling until the end.
    Separa o filme do papel por completo, depoois prende a ponta livre do filme, sem a fita de papel colante que fica presa ao filme no princípio dele. Quer dizer a última foto fica no meio do tanque. Dá para entender? O enrolamento tem que ser feito dobrando ligeiramente o filme para ele ir encarrilando de dentro para fora.

  4. Tell you one thing mate.... I'm cursing the day when I decided (for no good reason) that the metal reel was the best.... Most flaws, overexposures and scratches in my negs are due to the reel. It's so hard to coil the film in it.
    It deserves a post of its own. Soon.